Art Center College of Design (with distribution by DAP)
Mariana Amatullo, Bryan Boyer, Andrew Shea, Liz Danico, Jennifer May

We co-edited an award-winning survey of social impact design work from around the US.

In recent years the design community has been undergoing a slow but steady shift. Designers are once again concerned with the impact that their work creates in the world. Professionals are increasingly interested in balancing commercial and social imperatives, while students are looking for careers focused on social impact. We at Dash Marshall were curious about these opportunities too and wanted to understand them in more detail, so we helped conceptualize and edit a 360 page book. You can buy it here.

LEAP book cover

LEAP Dialogues is a first of its kind book that explores new career pathways in social innovation for designers. Bringing together 84 contributors from across the US (and a few special guests from overseas), the book presents a cross section of social impact design today.

The content is presented through a series of multilateral discussions, transcribed and edited, to put the emphasis on reflection and dialogue. Interspersed throughout are first person essays, “day in the life” entries, and case studies. As a whole the book addresses the spectrum of challenges and opportunities for designers building careers in social innovation, and for the organizations and institutions looking to support those careers.

LEAP Dialogues won Design Observer and AIGA’s 2015 50 Books, Design Observer and AIGA’s 2015 50 Covers, and Outstanding Achievement in Editorial from HOW International Design Award in 2016.