Dash Marshall

We designed this compact pied-à-terre for a mother and her young children to function in two distinct modes: as a family home when all are present, and as a lofty studio when only the adult is home. This dual nature is achieved by building a Monolith.


The Monolith is very large for a home of this size. It has a presence in every room.

Photo Photo Photo

It’s clearly identified by the solid wood detailing, which ensures that areas of high use will look good for a long time to come.

Master bedroom closets

In terms of functionality, the Monolith is just a humble closet.

Lil giant

Architecturally, it organizes the floor plan and gives both bedrooms their own unique entrance.

Kid's room (wide)


Window view

Window view

Floorplan New floor plan with Monolith highlighted in gray

Photos by Mark Wickens