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Detroit, USA

Milk & Froth had been slinging handmade ice cream around Detroit for a couple years when the young entrepreneurs decided to compelment their food truck with a brick and mortar scoop shop. We collaborated with TwoPoints.Net to refresh their branding and create a new architectural concept that together feel fresh and playful, just like Milk & Froth’s ice cream.

Detail from the Buhl Building facade
Detail from the Buhl Building facade

Located in the Buhl Building, which was built in 1925 and is covered in Romanesque decorative motifs, Dash was challenged to create something new in a context that’s so old and opinionated. We took a cue from the handcrafted details of Coraddo Parducci who sculpted the Buhl building’s original columns in the 20th century and developed a contemporary equivalent.

Diagram of the building's traditional column capital and MFD reinterpretation in ASCII

The interior speaks to the raw materials Milk & Froth uses by leaving the walls partially unfinished, with paint dripping down over cement board like melting ice cream. At the walls and ceiling, text-based decorations nod at a traditional architectural order but do so with an ASCII motif executed in a custom typeface created by TwoPoints for Milk & Froth. Familiar but new, like a scoop of excellent vegan ice cream.

Milk & Froth interior seen from just inside the front door
View across the interior showing the ice cream counter in the distance
Customers enjoying ice cream at the wall nook and on benches
Ice cream drip paint detail

Milk & Forth’s custom typeface enables them to make new communications materials easily and often. Even if they make new posters with a basic word processor, the character of the brand will be maintained.

The space is designed to feature posters that change often
The space is designed to feature posters that change often
Detail of ASCII column capitals seen in a raking view
Venturi & Scott Brown, Respect!
Plan of MFD