Dash Marshall

Continuing our exploration of nearly-invisible interventions, Blue Unit conjoins two adjacent apartments to form a single home. With elaborate meals at the center of the occupants’ lives, this project is organized around the rituals of cooking and dining. A new kitchen becomes the literal and social center of the floorplan.

Our physical interventions were aimed at eliminating anything that got in the way of this goal.

Kitchen angle

By selectively removing walls, the kitchen enhances the connection between chef and guests in the adjacent breakfast nook and formal dining room. The breakfast nook is elevated slightly to enhance lines of sight.


Breakfast nook

The formal dining space is seen in the distance (below). On the right, a wall of substantial storage allows the kitchen to feel open and clean without sacrificing the ability to keep a wide variety of supplies and equipment at the ready.

Kitchen seen at angle with table

From entry

Custom chandelier above the dining table by Tom Kirk

Elsewhere in the home, tilework in the master bathroom borrows motifs found the public spaces of the building.


Custom gradient wallpaper from Calico Wallpaper



Photos by Mark Wickens