Dash Marshall

Raft Loft combines two separate dwelling units into a single home for a growing family. We renovated the entirety of the ground floor, executed limited interventions to the second floor, and inserted a new staircase to connect the two spaces with a series of intermediate levels.


At the center of the ground floor is the “raft,” an elevated platform that divides the ground floor into three distinct zones. The raft creates large open spaces on either end of the ground floor.

Axonometric Raumplan

Watering plants with stairs

Half of the staircase is suspended from the ceiling above, leaving the living room open for flexible use.


Reading nook

Where the stair meets the raft, a wetbar provides just enough infrastructure for a game of cards or a round of drinks.

Kid on stairs


Drywall detail

At the back of the space, an office overlooks the piano room, which can be closed off for use as a guest room.

Piano room Piano room Piano room

A very large door located at the center of the raft allows the back of the ground floor to be converted into a guest suite, complete with private bathroom.

Door in elevation Door in elevation Door in elevation

Ceilings in the bathroom and powder room are designed as abstracted cloud formations.

Bathroom Bathroom

The staircase is made of brass, stainless steel, blackened steel, and brick. The brick half of rises up from the ground floor, while the other half hangs from the ceiling of the second floor.

Stair entry from an angle

Stair entry in elevation

Stair seen from below Experiments in multiple metals: blackened steel, stainless steel, brass

Living from above

Upstairs we added a low garderobe near the elevator, the main entrance to the home, which delays your view of the staircase and provides a place to keep everyday items tidy.

Key drop

Entry garderobe

The master bathroom and kitchen have been simplified around the occupants’ daily rituals.

Master Bathroom


Drawing Second Floor

Drawing First Floor

Photos by Mark Wickens
Thanks to Mona Meng, Marta Meng-Perez, Chloe Kehoe
Dress provided by Kaarem