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Binghamton, USA

For the Young Sam Kim Korean Student Center at Binghamton University we created a furniture series that includes a table, benches in multiple sizes, and a screen module.

The ideal Korean house sits facing a river, with mountains at its back. For students who are away from home, we built all three.

Completed in collaboration with artist Yoon Hyup.

Diagram of the table

The table refers to the wood construction of a traditional Korean home. The double layered top refers to wood beams that support a house’s roof, while the arrangement of multiple legs evokes sliding partitions that separate rooms.

Studio photograph of the table
Detail of the table in use
Detail of table top face
Bench assembly diagram

The benches create a visual rhythm evoking waves in a river. The largest bench seats four to five people and is an interpretation of the traditional “Pyung Sang.”

BNG low table animation frame 3BNG low table animation frame 2BNG low table animation frame 3
Popsicle stick low table
Low table of popsicle sticks
Benches in use
Rabbit ear bench
Three quarter view of rabbit ear bench
Assembly diagram of screen

Rolling partitions stand in for mountains. The panels provide a visual barrier for privacy, or can be arranged as a backdrop during lectures and events.

Three quarter view of decorative screen