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Might, Could (Graphic Design, Illustration)

We created a short and engaging primer to bring policymakers up to speed on autonomous vehicles.

As part of a yearlong effort supporting the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles, we created this short booklet to help policymakers get up to speed on the complex implications of AVs.

Click here to download the Primer.

Primer Booklet on table The physical document was designed to slip into a briefcase or purse and be read easily during a short journey.

The primer is divided into six sections:

What: explains the basics of key AV technology and data.

When: tracks the historical evolution of the AV idea.

Where: maps hotspots of AV research and where AVs are likely to spread most quickly.

How: analyzes the market and regulatory forces influencing AV development.

Who: profiles the companies bringing the AV future to life.

Why: begins to chart the benefits, risks, and unintended consequences of AV technology.

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Primer spread Primer spread

Primer spread Primer spread

Primer spread Primer spread

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